Damn Right!

People Who Swear Are More Honest: When Rhett Butler said he frankly did not give a damn in “Gone with the Wind”, he was almost certainly telling the truth.
That is because people who swear are more honest, a psychological study has found.
It may appear that those who turn the air blue with four-letter words are less concerned about social rules like telling the truth and not hurting people. But swearing is the ‘unfiltered, genuine expression of emotions’, and those who do it frequently were found to be more sincere.

Lee Brice Is Adding To The Family

Third Child on The Way for Country Star: Lee Brice is getting ready to “Love Like Crazy” a new family member! The singer-songwriter and his wife Sara are expecting their third child, they confirmed to us.

The new baby will join big brothers Ryker Mobley, 3, and Takoda, 8.

5 Ways To Tell If Your Relationship Is In Trouble

Nine in 10 people will marry, but one half of all those first marriages will end in divorce. That statistic comes from the U.S. Census Bureau.

And if you think you’re relationship might be headed that way, here are the 5 signs your relationship is in trouble. These come from psychologist Lori Kuriman. See if any of these ring true:

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Protect Your Kids Teeth – Sports and Energy Drinks

Sports drinks and energy drinks aren’t just a source of sugar for kids — they could also be responsible for tooth enamel damage that increases the risk of cavities and decay, according to new research.

A study in the journal General Dentistry showed that tooth enamel is damaged after being exposed to sports drinks or energy drinks for just five days, with energy drinks causing two times as much enamel damage as the sports drinks.

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