Key Star Wars Star Returns!

EverettCollection_JohnWilliamsStevenSpielberg-160613Winner of five Academy Awards, John Williams has composed musical scores for more than 100 movies as well as many televisions shows in a career that dates back to 1956. Many of his compositions have become iconic, such as his music for Jaws, his second collaboration with filmmaker Steven Spielberg. Williams has scored 27 films in total for Spielberg. Continue reading

7 Relationship Mistakes Smart People Make

Have you ever considered the advice of Adam Smith or perhaps John Maynard Keynes?
There’s a lot you could learn about marital bickering from these two dead economists. So say the authors of the book “Spousonomics: Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage & Dirty Dishes.” The authors Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson have applied the market rules of cold, hard capitalism to the economy of your marriage to help you efficiently allocate limited resources such as time, money, sanity and, yes, even your sex drive.

The mistakes you might be making